We design and manufacture heterogeneous digital products, united by an extreme attention to both execution and quality.

We are organized in diverse laboratories, each of which is responsible of specific technological areas.

Web applications

Web sites

E-commerce, ERP


Enterprise architectures

Microservices architectures

Data governance

Systems integration: CRM, ERP, DMP, etc.

Semantic data integration

Semantic search

Data analytics

Android apps

iOS apps

Native development

Multiplatform development

Industry 4.0



Connectivity: LoRaWAN, ZigBee, Bluetooth, CAN bus, Modbus, CoAP, MQTT, HTTP


Fog computing

Edge computing

Data analytics

Native development: NLP, AI

Integration of: Dialogflow, IBM Watson,, Microsoft Bot Framework, etc.

Custom skills programming for Alexa

Custom actions programming for Google Assistant

Context management

Enterprise systems integration

Data analytics




The first phase of each project involves our business experts, later joined by UX and technology. Their task is to address the specific business aspects of the project, in order to bring the requirements within the boundaries of the project. In this way the user experience is mapped and the most appropriate technological solutions are identified.



The strategy is the backbone of the project. It defines the operational plan required to achieve what has been defined in the previous step. This is the milestone that, once certified, allows the activities to start.



In this phase, several production streams are activated in parallel. The contents, functionalities and creative concept are defined in detail:

  • The graphic or vocal user interfaces are identified according to the type of project.
  • The software architecture, data structure and integration flows with third-party platforms are defined.



Technological development proceeds in synergy between the implementation of user interfaces and IT implementations of backend, frontend, API, etc. Particular emphasis is given to the realization of fast and reliable solutions, scalable, open and integration-oriented, easy to modify over time.



Each phase includes a test suite with which it is possible to verify the correctness of what has been done. The quality of the produced software is obtained by intervening during the life cycle of the project at a technical and methodological level.



The deployment process of what has been achieved can be either on premise or in the cloud, depending on what has been arranged for the project. At this stage we can support the IT department or handle all the activities.



From the release into production, the support and maintenance phase is activated, according to agreed SLAs. This phase includes the monitoring of the application or devices in use.